New Logo and Ads

This is not interesting at all unless you’re interested in how building a service like VaultPress happens behind the scenes. There are basically two sides to the team, one working on the core technology that stores eleven copies of every one of your files, scans your plugins and themes for security issues, and makes sure our mirror of your site is up-to-the-second. The other side tries to make the reams of data we gather usable, intuitive, beautiful, and tries to let people who don’t know about VaultPress yet that we exist. This post is about that last part.

First, the logo:

The key is, of course, the shield. Aesthetically pleasing, it evokes exactly the kind of protection and safety we want to. Hat tip goes to the Delicious Design League. I’ve always felt a strong logo mark is necessary for a service because the logotype is generally too wide to be used in the proper variety of situations. (Something I discovered when trying to put the original WordPress logotype on a thong.)

In celebration of the new V-shield, we’re running two test ads on the Deck Network for it. We had a bit of fun with the two impressions, recalling Joseph Campbell’s classic arcs for every story:

VaultPress. Backup and security so good, you can save your ransom money.

You can be the hero. Secure your site with VaultPress.

Light and dark. Evil and good. I wonder which one is going to win?

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In 2002 I started contributing to Open Source software, and life has just gotten better from there. Co-founder of WordPress, founder Automattic.
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14 Responses to New Logo and Ads

  1. Glad you guys (and gals…or at least I assume there are gals who work at WordPress) finally came up with a logo! Just in time for a review too! (not on my personal site of course).

    Love the shield, although it would be cool if their was two swords on both sides (forming an X behind the shield). Just my two cents. ūüôā

  2. Kevin Tan says:

    Yay I love the new (and first) VaultPress logo. It clearly represents the shield and defense of WordPress. I was so excited (yeah I did) when I first saw the logo updated on VaultPress’s Twitter profile. Good job!

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  5. Pat says:

    Critical question: How long before this new shield make its way to a thong?

    • Paul Kim says:

      I think the more relevant question for Automatticians is how long before it becomes a cattle brand? (It’s a long story, ask Matt.)

  6. Matveb says:

    I really enjoy the quality of the blog design and its use of Calluna. Good work.

  7. adi bowo says:

    Nice logo design.

  8. Suki says:

    LOL on the first ad.

    As for the logo, it’s quite minimalistic and yet it’s still easy to understand what it means by just looking at it. However, isn’t the shield used far too many times that it’s possible that there’s a similar logo somewhere (with or without the logo)?

    At any case, congrats for the new logo and for VaultPress.

  9. givesuccess says:

    I love the logo for VaultPress! The V-shield is the perfect choice. I am for the light and dark ad…lol. Nice job!

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