Billing and Naughty Plugins

We’re having a problem with our credit card processor that is throwing back errors for about half of the people who’ve tried to sign up. The fix on their side could take a week or more so we’re going to try a workaround on our side and email everyone who was denied VaultPress bliss.

One side-effect of running a system which mirrors every single database write, option update, and more is that we notice pretty quickly when something is inefficient. Already, even with just the few testers we have, we’ve been coming across a number of plugins that are updating options on every single page load. Some people have been running these for years in the background silently slowing their sites down and causing undue load on their server, and doubly so with VaultPress running getting every update to that option.

We’ve already pushed hot-fixes through the VaultPress kernel to several of the blogs affected to fix their issue but more importantly we’ve gotten in touch with the plugin authors to notify them of the problem and offer suggestions or code to fix it! Once the plugin is fixed the entire WordPress community is going to benefit, not just VaultPress users, and their sites will run that much faster. Win, win, win.

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In 2002 I started contributing to Open Source software, and life has just gotten better from there. Co-founder of WordPress, founder Automattic.
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6 Responses to Billing and Naughty Plugins

  1. Milan says:

    Something like this should be made in were users could report bad code which would inform author, and if they don’t fix issue in x period of time, some moderator would do that instead.

  2. Viki says:

    I wish the issue gets fixed soon, as I can’t wait to sign up for VaultPress. My Golden Ticket is still waiting to be used! ūüôā

    Also, the plugin related hotfixes would be great, as it would make the blog more efficient and help it load faster. Will try to sign up again now!

  3. Jon says:

    I’m in touch with Paul at support, but have had serious issues like others. I did get a message saying continue to download the plugin…. and could not see where I did this, and also it would not let me create an account.

    Underwhelmed right now, but have high hopes…..


    • Matt says:

      These signup troubles are exactly what we’re trying to work out in the beta period. The service is solid, we just haven’t done a subscription billing manager like this before.

  4. For those who have “already pushed hot-fixes through” how do we know if we were one of them?

  5. I love positive unintended consequences! “Real Time” backup software will certainly spotlight inefficient code! VaultPress will be a blessing to the blog world!

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