VaultPress Vignettes

vi·gnette /vɪnˈyɛt/ noun, verb.
Any small, pleasing picture or view; a small, graceful literary sketch.

It’s been awesome this week to see and hear from everyone who’s excited about the VaultPress beta. We’re working behind the scenes to welcome as many of you into the beta as we can, as quickly as we can. For now, we’re sending out 30 golden tickets a day and we’re moving people who blog about VaultPress or tweet about #vaultpress to the front of the queue.

Here’s a set of vignettes of things we noticed and loved this week. Can’t wait to have you join us on VaultPress! 🙂

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11 Responses to VaultPress Vignettes

  1. I guess I didn’t make the cut. 😦

    Oh well, I’ll see if I get a golden ticket next month.

    • Paul Kim says:

      Check your email Darnell. 🙂

      • Thanks Paul! I got the golden ticket this morning! I’m really excited about (finally) locating a good company to back up my blog with (my host is good, but I don’t want to put all of my eggs in one basket).

        Looking forward to including 2-3 more sites in the future! 🙂

  2. Viki says:

    “A graceful literary sketch” – awesome! Its great to be on the VaultPress blog. Thanks for the mention, Paul – we’re excited about VaultPress. 🙂

  3. Kevin Tan says:

    This is so tempting… I can’t wait to try it on my blog(s). Let me pray for the daily golden tickets. 🙂

    • Paul Kim says:

      Check your email Kevin. 🙂

      • Kevin Tan says:

        I was so excited when I see a new email received popped up with subject “Golden Ticket to VaultPress Beta”.

        By the way I’m a little confused (please excuse me) about the pricing. Do we get that golden ticket’ed price for life (as long as we’re member)? Also, how much will I be charged if I go for Basic plan now, and decide to upgrade to Premium or Enterprise later on?

  4. austinandrew says:

    Will someone please explain what the “security intrusion” feature is in the $40 plan?

    • Paul Kim says:

      Right now we look at your plugins and themes and report back on any suspect code we find in them, so you can deactivate or uninstall any problematic plugins and themes. In the future, we plan to offer intrusion monitoring and notification, and much more.

  5. Just signed up, hopefully I get my golden ticket soon. I actually wouldn’t mind paying more. Its an Automattic product, so I’m sure its good.

    Anyway good luck to the whole team!

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