Priority support for Personal Plans

If you read our recent announcement about changes to our subscriptions you’re already aware of the new prices we introduced as well as the new Personal Plan.

We’re now even more pleased to announce that we’ve made a small but important addition to our cheapest plan: the Personal Plan now also includes priority support from our Happiness Engineers.

For more information about the change and the plan itself read the full announcement on the Jetpack blog.

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Announcing Streamlined Plans — at Lower Prices

Howdy! We wanted to share some exciting news: we’re simplifying our paid subscription options, and making them a better value along the way. While we were at it, we also streamlined the process of installing and configuring VaultPress.

We’ve joined forces with Jetpack to bundle our features into plans that provide you with more services for the same — or lower — prices.

The New Plans

We now offer three plans: Personal, Premium, and Professional.

At $3.50 per month, the Jetpack Personal plan includes everything the old VaultPress Lite plan used to — at a price that’s 30% lower. You can save even more if you choose the annual plan for $39 (instead of $42 for monthly billing). Jetpack Personal includes:

  • Daily automated backups.
  • A 30-day backup archive (with unlimited storage space).
  • Spam protection by Akismet.

Jetpack Premium is our most popular plan for ensuring that your site, data, and content are safe. At $9 per month, the plan now costs 40% less than the old VaultPress Basic plan. Here, too, we offer more savings on a yearly purchase, bringing the price down to $99 (instead of $108). Jetpack Premium includes everything in Jetpack Personal, as well as:

  • Daily, automated malware scanning.
  • Dedicated security support from our Happiness Engineers.

Finally, our top-of-the-range plan: Jetpack Professional includes a suite of advanced features for your site, from extra security measures to hands-on SEO management. The $29 per month subscription costs the same as the old VaultPress Premium plan, but now includes several bonus features. A yearly purchase comes with significant savings — $299, down from $348 per year. Jetpack Professional includes all the features in Jetpack Personal and Premium, as well as:

  • On-demand malware scanning — going beyond the daily scans included in the Premium plan.
  • One-click threat resolution.
  • A PollDaddy subscription.
  • SEO tools for your site.

The New Installation Process

One of the main benefits of being part of Jetpack is that installing and activating VaultPress has become a whole lot simpler. You no longer need to manually install plugins, copy and paste registration keys, and verify that your backups are working.

Just as before, when you select a plan you will be prompted to type in your site URL and create an account. However, by installing Jetpack — a straightforward step that’s part of the checkout process — we can automatically configure VaultPress, Akismet, and all the relevant registration keys and settings on your site!

What now?

Take a look at our new plans page to read more about the features we offer and our commitment to keep your site safe and secure: whatever risks the web might pose to your site, we’ve got you covered.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us — we’ll do our best to help you out!

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Security Update for Jetpack

An important security update has been released for the Jetpack plugin.

You can protect yourself by upgrading to the latest version of Jetpack 4.0.3, under Dashboard → Updates in your WordPress dashboard.

With our release of version 1.8.3 of the VaultPress plugin, we have implemented a fix for this threat in order to protect any VaultPress customers that are running an outdated version of Jetpack. We automatically upgraded as many sites as we could to this new version of VaultPress. 

The security update fixed a vulnerability that allowed an attacker to exploit the way that some Jetpack shortcodes are processed. This bug has existed since Jetpack 2.0, released in November 2012. Thank you to Marc-Alexandre Montpas from Sucuri for his research and responsible disclosure of this issue. According to the Jetpack team, there is no evidence of this threat being used out in the wild. With this announcement though, exploits will begin to occur and it’s crucial updates are taken care of!

To make sure you are protected, please review these resources:

Jetpack 4.0.3 Security Update – FAQs
How to install the Jetpack 4.0.3 Security Update

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, drop us a line!

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Security Update for WordPress Core

An important security update was released today for WordPress. Version 4.5.2 fixes several vulnerabilities that could allow users to compromise your site. WordPress versions 4.5.1  and earlier are vulnerable, and should be updated to the latest version of WordPress as soon as possible.

We encourage everyone to head over to Dashboard → Updates in their WordPress dashboard, and click “Update Now”. Once you’re running WordPress 4.5.2, you’re protected from these vulnerabilities.

We also recommend that you take this moment to ensure you’re running the latest and greatest version of VaultPress. You can do so by heading back to Dashboard → Updates in your WordPress dashboard. If an older version of VaultPress is listed on this page, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade to the latest version with a single click. You can also find our plugin in the Plugin Directory.

By running the latest versions of WordPress, VaultPress, and all your themes and plugins, you help to ensure that your site remains safe, secure, and speedy! As always, if you have any questions, drop us a line.

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Security Update for WordFence

An important security update has been released for the WordFence Security Plugin in Version 6.0.22. The security update fixes an XSS vulnerability that was reported by Matt Rusnak.

We have attempted to automatically upgrade all of our customers to the newest version of WordFence. You can verify that you’re running the latest version of WordFence Security on the Plugins page in your WordPress dashboard. We also added this security threat to our security scanner so anyone who begins using VaultPress after today will be notified of this threat.

If you have a site using WordFence but do not have VaultPress installed, you can protect yourself by upgrading under Dashboard → Updates in your WordPress dashboard.

As always, if you have any questions, drop us a line!

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