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Right now VaultPress is for standalone instances of WordPress only, but the question on everyone’s mind seems to be: what about MU + MS? With the merge of MU and WordPress into MS (multi-site) with 3.0 I’m not surprised it’s a hot topic.

For WordPress MS users, we just need to figure a few things out first, namely billing and enumerating your blogs. On the tech side, hooking into MS is not going to be hard since it’s basically just a bunch of WordPresses. VaultPress support is great, if say, your server goes away and takes 73,000 blogs with it.

(As an aside, we’ve just started sending out invites to allow existing customers to purchase coverage for a second blog.)

BuddyPress, bbPress… that’s another blog post. 🙂

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  1. Andrea_R says:

    A base rate, then grouping prices kind of like Akismet, maybe. Volume discount seems like a deal, but running a network (by nature) means you already have volume. 😉

    Although I would think someone running a network of sites would have an even more pressing need for backups offsite. Especially if your site blows up, you’d want to be able to access & restore that data. ;D

    • Ryan says:

      Not necessarily, I am proud to run the smallest Multisite setup possible…2 blogs. But its not for any type of servivce like, its just two sites I run under one WP install.

      I think if VaultPress has licensing like akismet though, starting at 5 blogs that could work. Or if I could purchase two individual blog backups but have that work with one WP install. Just give several options like Akismet.

      Also will vaultpress also have a nonprofit discount?

      As a sidenote, I actually am kinda sad I got a golden ticket (and its expiring soon) but I can’t use it since the only WP install I have is MS, wish I could just use in on the main site under my MS install.

  2. Just a “second” blog?! Come on Matt! Open up the flood gates already!!!

    I have 3 others that need backed up! 🙂

    Pressfanboyism aside, I was wondering if beta users will also be charged $20/month once VaultPress goes public?

    • Matt says:

      Beta customers get to keep their special pricing as long as they’re a customer, it’s our way of saying thank you for being one of the first in the world to use the service.

  3. I don’t have an invite yet 😦 I wish I had one. It would be great to have Multi-site support on VaultPress.

  4. Does VaultPress support a single blog from a MS network at this time, or if I have an MS site, I shouldn’t even bother using my golden ticket yet?

  5. Nick M says:

    What about pricing like VPS servers, where it doesn’t matter how many sites you have its just how much space or resources you use. So, instead of pricing by number of sites its tied to amount of space.

    • Matt says:

      That’s one of the things we’re considering, but we want VaultPress to be a hassle-free solution regardless of how big your blogs are, in fact the bigger the better.

  6. shawn says:

    This kind of causes a problem for those of us using buddypress with the group-blog plugin.

    I have an install using multisite that is truly only one site, but the users data is saved in group blogs ‘subdomains’ instead of relying upon the forums.

    So I end up with a site that according to vaultpress has hundreds of sites even though each user site is only one page… seems rather unfair

    I also use sub domain sites as ‘loaders’ for my css/js in order to speed up the loading, like an internal vps type of solution. (suggested via yoast)

    • Paul Kim says:

      We can transfer your subscription to a standalone WordPress instance if you like, and notify you when we’ve enabled Multi-site and BuddyPress support.

    • Jason says:

      I agree with Shawn. I used my golden ticket as it was expiring to buy a licence with the plan of using MS to create one site but keep different blog themes under different subdomains.

      Seems I can’t but I don’t want to pay more for that service as I thought for a starter $15 was a lot. Especially as my web host could do full backup of my entire hosting environment (all be it in an ugly interface) for $4.

  7. Jeff Carter says:

    Ah, I installed and activated the plugin, but now see that my multi-site install (buddypress and bbpress) is more than what the plugin is ready for at the moment. Will deactivate and look forward to MS support.

    We have three main blogs(sites) comprising the CMS part of our Web site, but also a private BP community section where users can create blogs, forums, post photos, etc.

  8. Pave says:

    $15/$20 for ONE blog is about 3 times more expensive than a cheap hosting plan.

    I would gladly pay $15/$20 for 1-5 blogs and $30/$40 for 5-10 blogs. Plus additional $10 for security monitoring since you need to monitor just one WordPress installation (if running on multisite installation).

  9. Ivan says:

    Yes, I have more than 10 sites running on a multisite installation. Using VaultPress for each subsite would be way too much of an overkill.

    Definitely looking foward VaultPress for Multisite support

  10. this post is over a year old, is there an update Matt? We’re interested in Vaultpress for multi-site…

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