A Hero for Every Site

Yesterday, we began rolling out a fresh round of advertising, and we wanted to take a moment to talk about the story behind it (we are bloggers, after all).

Deciding how to advertise a totally new product is a tall order. When your job is providing security and peace of mind, there’s two pretty obvious marketing strategies: fear or empowerment. You can scare your users into using your product, or you can make using your product feeling empowering. And VaultPress does just that. When you entrust your site to the VaultPress Safekeepers, you know you’re covered. Whether you’re a personal or professional blogger, business owner or IT manager, WordPress and VaultPress are an incredible team that make maintaining your website completely hassle-free. And yes, sometimes trouble does strike. But when it does, you’ll have the VaultPress Safekeepers on your site, ensuring your heroic victory in the battle of Good vs. Evil.

So to drive that point home, illustrator Matthew Woodson has created the first in a new series of VaultPress Heroes. We alluded to this idea when we started advertising the service, and we’ll continue to evolve it over the next few months. We hope you enjoy the new art, but most importantly we hope you’ll enjoy the peace of mind achieved from teaming up with VaultPress.

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2 Responses to A Hero for Every Site

  1. So when are you guys going to start selling VaultPress superhero costumes? Halloween is coming up soon and I need a costume that is unique and geeky. ūüėČ

    But I’ll settle for a T-Shirt (although finding blue spandex will be a little difficult as superman is fairly popular).

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