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Paul Boag

Paul Boag is a writer and podcaster based in Hampshire, UK, who has been building websites since 1994. Paul founded Headscape, a web design agency in 2002. His favorite part of the job is the chance to work together with clients.

“Although many web designers complain about having to deal with clients, personally, working with clients is the most enjoyable part of my job,” says Paul. “Nothing is more satisfying to me than working alongside a client to turn their website into an effective business tool. I particularly enjoy working on e-commerce websites where the return on your hard work is so easily measurable.”

Paul is about to launch season three of The Boagworld Show, the longest-running podcast geared to web design and development. Paul’s focus for season three is client-centric design, which is also the subject of his impending book.

“Client centric design is essentially a new methodology for working with clients to produce truly exceptional websites,” says Paul. “The book and podcast will show web designers how to establish a good working relationship with their clients rather than see them as the enemy.”

Among his writing credits is The Website Owner’s Manual, a jargon-free guide to planning and managing a successful website project for business owners.

Paul writes prolifically about web design, web development, and web strategy on his personal site, On WordPress since 2008, Paul was an early adopter of VaultPress.

“I can’t remember where I heard about Vaultpress, but I do remember signing up instantly. It solved a big concern that I had,” says Paul. “boagworld had become a crucial business tool for my web design company Headscape, and I couldn’t afford for it to be lost. Backing up the posts was not enough. I also wanted to back up all of the images associated with those posts, the theme I used, and the data being stored by various plug-ins. I also needed something that didn’t rely on me remembering to backup the website. Vaultpress did all of this and more. It was perfect for my needs.”

To learn more about Paul Boag, visit You can check out his books and most popular talks. You can even hire him.

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