Noupe says VaultPress is the Benchmark Automated Backup Solution for your WordPress site

Wow! Our ears have burst into flame twice in one week. First, memeburn’s Matt Cohen gave us a nice shout-out, recommending VaultPress as one of four great ways to improve your WordPress site’s security. Today, noupe’s Kevin Muldoon called VaultPress the benchmark automated backup solution for your WordPress site:

VaultPress is the premium backup service from WordPress developers Automattic. In less than a year it has established itself as the benchmark for backing up WordPress.

With constant backups dating back from the day you first started using the service, VaultPress is one of the best backup solutions available for WordPress.

If you’d like to know more about how VaultPress can safeguard not only your content, but all your themes and plugins and their configuration settings, too, check out our features. If you signed up, you’d make our day.

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