Fix for “Connection Partially Encrypted” Issue

We’ve just updated the VaultPress plugin to correct a minor issue reported by two of our customers.

Both customers reported an issue where a security notice was triggered in their browsers that said: “Connection Partially Encrypted.” The notice was caused by a single image sprite for VaultPress that was hard-coded to load over http while these customers were running wp-admin on https. We fixed this by adding a check to set the appropriate protocol for the image sprite URL.

VaultPress customers were never at risk from this issue, but it was an annoying user experience and we’ve fixed it. Thanks to the folks at and for reporting the issue.

We’ve updated the VaultPress plugin to check if your site is using SSL and to set the proper URL scheme. We’re pushing out plugin updates to everyone now, and you should see the issue fixed in plugin version 0.0900.

Most VaultPress customers (both Basic and Premium) should already have been automatically updated to the latest version of the plugin, v. 0.0900. You can verify the version number by visiting your site’s WordPress dashboard, then viewing your plugins page. If your VaultPress plugin version is lower than 0.0900, you can update the plugin manually by logging into your VaultPress dashboard, and downloading the latest version of the VaultPress plugin. Or, just contact the VaultPress Safekeeper team and we’ll take care of updating the plugin for you. We can also help you enable automatic updates to the VaultPress plugin.

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