Easier Golden Tickets

We often get requests from current VaultPress beta customers for an additional golden ticket to be used to secure another one of their sites. While we love hearing from and helping you, we realized it would make life much easier for those of you who want to add more sites to be able to order up your own golden tickets. We’ve just added a link to create your own golden tickets on your VaultPress Dashboard.

Just log in and click the “Golden Ticket” link on the left side of the dashboard. Then you can either create a golden ticket for yourself, or even send one to friends you think would benefit from VaultPress. We hope you find these new golden ticket self-service links handy and useful!

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4 Responses to Easier Golden Tickets

  1. donnacha says:

    Or …. you could just introduce a multisite tier, allowing one golden ticket to cover all our sites.

    Single-site installations are so 2010.

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