VaultPress Stories: The Future Buzz

Our latest VaultPress story features Adam Singer. Adam runs a busy and popular media and marketing blog at The Future Buzz and has been a self-hosted WordPress blogger since 2005.

Paul, one of the VaultPress Safekeepers

While I keep a few blogs on various subjects I’m interested in, all WordPress-powered, my main site is The Future Buzz where I share commentary, analysis and tips on everything related to digital marketing and PR. Most of what I share is from my personal perspectives on the industry, but as the site has grown in popularity over the years I have opened up contributions from the community as well.

The Future Buzz was born out of my passion for the web and the communications industry. I was leading digital strategy at a PR firm before that was a “typical” job, and I saw a gap in education for marketing professionals. As a net-native who was also in communications I thought I could help.

When I started blogging in 2005, I knew that I wanted to be self-hosted so I could have my own domain, full access to analytics and be able to hold someone accountable for up-time and reliability. I am also a huge DIYer and like to figure things out myself, so self-hosting made a lot more sense than going with a hosted platform.

I did my homework and saw all the glowing endorsements on the web for WordPress, so later that day I bought a hosting plan and had WordPress installed soon after. Anyone can figure out how to set up WordPress — the steps were so clear I got it right on my first install. It has been my favorite CMS ever since: powerful, simple, customizable and scalable.

My WordPress site is my platform to share ideas with the world. Even as real-time services continue to proliferate, the benefits to a self-hosted, uniquely designed blog you own are undeniable. Most of my peers who blog feel the same: that a WordPress-powered blog is the single best place to share your story with the world and build a community.

Currently, I have backups automated to happen weekly (and my web host also takes a weekly restore point). But I never felt that was good enough. I invest the same energy in blogging as I do my art (I also produce music) and in my professional work as a consultant. In other words: my blog content is of the highest priority to protect and keep safe.

When I first heard about VaultPress and that it was a backup and security solution provided by the makers of, I was pretty much already ready to buy. They have a vested interest in keeping our data and sites safe plus the team has a genuine passion for what they do.

Checking out the site and feature set, the hooks into WordPress for real-time backups and the dashboard sold me. The price point is very reasonable when you consider what’s being protected. Knowing you can rest easy if the worst happens and won’t lose a thing is priceless.

Check out The Future Buzz here. If you’re a VaultPress customer and you’d like to be featured in one of our future VaultPress stories, please drop us a line. Thanks Adam!

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