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Viewing Ignored Security Threats

The VaultPress Security scanner runs daily, looking for dangerous files and code on your web server. If VaultPress finds something suspicious, or a known threat, you’ll get an email, and a new notice shows up in your VaultPress dashboard. While … Continue reading

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Change the owner of your VaultPress subscription

Changing an owner is only possible with standalone VaultPress plans. It isn’t currently available for Jetpack plans. My last blog post showed how easy it is to allow other users to access your VaultPress dashboard. Today we’re making it … Continue reading

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Restore your backup to a new site!

Important! This post is out of date. You can find up-to-date information at: Your friends at VaultPress have been busy dreaming up the latest contraption for you, and today we’re ready to launch it! You’ve always been able to restore … Continue reading

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Let other users access your VaultPress dashboard

Want to allow your “tech guy” to review a VaultPress security alert? Or maybe your designer needs to download a backup of your site? We’ve recently updated the way you add users to VaultPress, and it’s easier than ever to … Continue reading

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Streamlining VaultPress For Your Site

Providing access credentials to your website, like FTP/SFTP and SSH, allows VaultPress to connect to your site easily and back it up quickly and efficiently. It also allows VaultPress to quickly and automatically restore your site in an emergency. In … Continue reading

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