Viewing Ignored Security Threats

The VaultPress Security scanner runs daily, looking for dangerous files and code on your web server. If VaultPress finds something suspicious, or a known threat, you’ll get an email, and a new notice shows up in your VaultPress dashboard.

The VaultPress Security Report

The VaultPress Security Report

While we don’t recommend it, you’ve always been able to ignore a security threat. Now you can view these ignored security threats. Just click on the Ignored Threats button, and you’ll see a list of any ignored notices.

You can now un-ignore security notices.

Viewing ignored security notices.

You can see all the details of the ignored security threat, including the names and locations of the affected files. You can even Un-Ignore a threat, moving it back to your active security threats.

VaultPress helps secure your site from known and potential security threats with daily file scans and real-time backup of your WordPress site. Learn more about how VaultPress can protect and secure your content, themes, plugins, settings and customizationsContact us with questions, or sign up to protect your site.

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