Change the owner of your VaultPress subscription

Changing an owner is only possible with standalone VaultPress plans. It isn’t currently available for Jetpack plans.

My last blog post showed how easy it is to allow other users to access your VaultPress dashboard. Today we’re making it just as easy to transfer ownership of your VaultPress subscription. Maybe you’ve set up VaultPress on your client’s site, but now want to switch the billing over to their credit card. To switch the ownership, just head to your VaultPress account page:

You’ll see yourself listed as the owner. To change the owner, click on the blue “Change Owner” link. This will show a list of all the site’s current users, along with a field to add a new user:

Choose one of the existing users, or type in a email address, and click the “Change Owner” button. Any billing information on file will be erased, and the new owner will be sent an email and asked to enter a new credit card. Once ownership has been changed, you’ll still have access to the site’s VaultPress dashboard, but not to any billing or plan details.

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