Full restore or file restore? VaultPress leaves the choice up to you

If the bad guys hack your site, you might need to do a full restore, and VaultPress customers know we’ve got their back there. But, what if you’ve accidentally modified your theme? What if an updated plugin starts to misbehave and you’d like to revert to the previous version? VaultPress now allows you to choose what you need to restore and nothing more, to help you get your site and your revenue stream back up and running as quickly as possible.

Let’s say you’ve accidentally messed up your theme. It’s so messed up, it would take a room full of themers a lifetime to make right. VaultPress backs up your themes and plugins once a day, so let’s look at how you can use a recent VaultPress backup to restore your theme.

Log in to your VaultPress dashboard and click on the Backups tab to see a list of your site’s most recent backups:

Perfect! The most recent backup was 52 minutes ago, before you accidentally invoked themepocalypse. To see your restore options, click on the gray arrow on the far right-hand side of the screen. You can see that you have the option to download a full site backup, do a full restore, or restore any combination of your database, themes, plugins, and uploads. To restore your theme, uncheck the boxes next to database, plugins, and uploads, and then click on the Restore this backup text:

Next, VaultPress will start to prepare your theme for restore. The time required for this step depends on the size of the files.

Once VaultPress is done preparing the files, you’ll see a confirmation message. Note that VaultPress needs your FTP information on file to be able to access your site and upload the files you’ve chosen to restore. If in this instance, we didn’t have your FTP information on file, you’d see an error message asking you to supply your FTP details to complete the restore process. Since we’re all set, you can click on the blue Restore Now button:

Once we’ve uploaded the backup theme files to your server, you’ll see this success message, confirming that you reversed themepocalypse. We’ll also send you an email confirmation once the files are restored.

Learn more about how VaultPress can protect your content, theme, plugin, and site settings and customizations. Contact us with questions, or you could make our day, and sign up to protect your site.

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