Sticky Mouse Button Causes Disaster: VaultPress Brings Speedy Relief

Sunday March 11th, 2012 was like any other Sunday. Broderick Perkins was working on his website, DeadlineNews.Com.

Then, disaster struck—Broderick’s sticky mouse button hit a ‘Reset Theme’ button in his WordPress admin area and, poof! Months of extensive theme redesign work vanished.

Web designer file hacking, CSS tweaks, and other theme sculpting: all gone. Text links returned to a moldy orange. Content wasn’t being directed to the correct page. Social networking was kaput. All that customization, all that work—about six months’ worth—was obliterated in an instant by a sticky mouse.

“On the WordPress admin’s Appearance/Options page, there is a ‘Reset’ button at the bottom of the page with a comment alongside it: ‘Caution: will restore theme defaults’ and I accidentally clicked it with a sticky mouse. When you click the button, you should get an ‘Are-you-sure? Doing-this-will-ruin-your-life’ warning. All my theme customizations vanished in an instant. I had a minor heart attack. Luckily, I have VaultPress. VaultPress restored months of lost work from my backup files while I was taking a walk. I’m serious. The restoration was as instant as my goof.”

Special thanks to Ned Buratovich, Broderick’s web designer, who initially convinced Broderick to buy a VaultPress subscription for Broderick now says that site backup and protection for $15 a month is “way worth” the investment.

“It’s insurance. Why wouldn’t you insure your business when your business is data? VaultPress covered my assets big time,” says Broderick.

We could not be more pleased to have DeadlineNews.Com in the Vault. You can learn more about how VaultPress can protect your content, theme, plugin, and site settings and customizations. Contact us with questions, or you could make our day, and sign up to protect your site.

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  1. Broderick Perkins DeadlineNews.Com says:

    Can’t say enough about VaultPress.

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