Chris McConnell Recommends VaultPress to Unhack and Backup Your Site

When bad guys hack the site that you and others have worked on for countless hours, it can be demoralizing to see that hard work evaporate. A multi-author site that Chris McConnell helped create experienced just that when hackers stormed the site, adding fake posts and fake users from the back end, while redirecting homepage links to their sketchy website.

The hackers got in through the TimThumb vulnerability, a hack that the VaultPress Safekeepers know and understand well.

Thankfully, the site was in the vault. Chris had some kind words for the VaultPress Safekeepers who helped him to clean up the site and restore it.

I have a great working knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 and know enough about the WordPress loop to get things working together nicely. Even though I’m a web designer by trade, the Timthumb hack was way over my head (in fact, I had no idea it was a TimThumb issue in the first place). I could tell from talking with the VaultPress team that they knew what they were doing since they radiated confidence and I decided to pull the trigger.

Within 48 hours, the blog had been scrubbed of any malicious code and was back in business. Amazing! Without VaultPress, I would’ve had to hire a WordPress freelancer to get things cleaned up and that would’ve been costly—I’m guessing in the $500-1,500 range. Not cool.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time that one of Chris’ sites had been hacked. A couple of years ago, a design site he’d worked hard to grow to nearly 100,000 page views a month was compromised, destroying his labor of love and a nice revenue stream along with it.

Here’s why I would recommend VaultPress to anyone even remotely interested in starting a blog: They are knowledgable, extremely friendly and will deal with your WordPress problems in a timely manner. It’s a bargain, a steal really, to pay $15 a month for a little piece of mind. It’s like 911 for your blog.

Don’t let the bad guys ruin your hard work! Become a member of the growing VaultPress community.

Learn more about how VaultPress can protect your content, theme, plugin, and site settings and customizations. Contact us with questions, or you could make our day, and sign up to protect your site.

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