VaultPress Helps Windows 8 update Survive the Perfect Storm

Imagine this scenario: you run a site with thousands of daily visitors. An update to your forums goes awry, and poof, your forum data—years of Google-rich posts—vanishes into thin air. Gone! That’s when you find out that your hosting company erased the site backup that would have restored your forums. This disastrous perfect storm is exactly what happened to Windows 8 update, a popular site dedicated to helping people get the most out of the Windows 8 operating system.

Luckily, the site’s editor, Onuora Amobi had bought a VaultPress subscription for Windows 8 update just a few weeks ago.

Long story short, my tech team was able to go back to a previous date, extract my forum tables and reimport and restore my Windows 8 Forums.

Vaultpress saved my ass and I thought I would share that with you.

If you’re a blogger who has a substantial amount of data that you want to protect, you NEED to sign up with Vaultpress.

Windows 8 update is a member of the growing VaultPress community.

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