What can VaultPress do for you?

We started VaultPress to bring peace of mind to everyone who relies on WordPress for their web publishing needs. While we know it’s important to provide security monitoring, realtime backups, and easy access to snapshots of your site and files, we’re most excited about how we’ve been able to directly help VaultPress customers with their WordPress sites.

Here’s a look at some of the additional ways our concierge team (who we call the VaultPress Safekeepers) have helped our customers since we launched our beta service, above and beyond the core protection services we offer everyone:

  • Recovered deleted files and missing database rows
  • Fixed corrupted user permissions
  • Repaired broken post editors
  • Identified and fixed poorly coded plugins that were affecting site performance
  • Assisted with domain and hosting moves
  • Provided site configuration assistance
  • Repaired broken upgrades
  • Diagnosed and repaired fatal errors and bad plugin queries
  • Performed both partial and complete site restores

There are many great pure backup and security solutions out there for WordPress site owners. With VaultPress, we aim to offer a service that brings together the best of both our technology and the WordPress expertise of our team. If you’re a VaultPress customer you can get in touch to request our help any time from your VaultPress Dashboard. And if you aren’t, make sure to check out some of the testimonials and customer stories to hear what we’ve been able to do for other WordPress users.*

*We do, however, draw the line at writing new blog posts for our customers. Maybe in 2012. ūüôā

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