VaultPress Stories: 33 Charts

One of the best parts of working on VaultPress is hearing from active WordPress users who’ve signed up. We’re launching the VaultPress Stories series so you can hear firsthand from serious WordPress users how they got started with WordPress and why they chose VaultPress to secure their sites.

Our first story comes from Bryan Vartabedian, who runs Bryan is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas and an attending physician at Texas Children’s Hospital, America’s largest children’s hospital. He’s the author of Colic Solved — The Essential Guide to Infant Reflux and the Care of Your Crying, Difficult-to-Soothe Baby and also served as a contributing author to The Real Life of a Pediatrician.

Paul, one of the VaultPress Safekeepers

I started blogging on TypePad in 2006 with a site called Parenting Solved. My audience was parents, and I started with the selfish intent of selling a book. Ultimately I discovered that blogging could serve as a bigger platform for my ideas. I continued until 2009 when I grew tired of peddling my doctorly ‘reassuring voice of authority.’ Social media had my interest and no one was talking about what doctors were doing in the space. So I launched 33 Charts on TypePad.

On 33 Charts I’m preoccupied with the intersection of social media and medicine although I’m apt to talk about all kinds of things. My blog is not a business. I don’t sell anything. You won’t find a ‘call to action.’ I like to think of it as something of a playground for my ideas. What works for me is that people see my thinking.

A year into 33 Charts I knew I had outgrown TypePad. I needed to take my site to the next level. My transition from TypePad to WordPress was a no-brainer. I was scared initially that my content and all of its Google juice wouldn’t translate to WordPress. But it worked fine. I’ve never looked back.

What I value most about my WordPress site is its stability and ease of use. WordPress gives me what I need to customize and optimize my blogging experience. WordPress is built for people who take their sites, design and writing seriously.

True confessions: I never backed up any of my content until several months ago. I caught wind of some very prolific writers who lost everything to hackers and corruption of different types and decided that I probably need to take this a bit more seriously. At about that time I heard from Michael Hyatt that he was using VaultPress to back up his site. Mike is really smart so I checked it out and liked what I saw.

VaultPress installation was a breeze and integration with WordPress is seamless. My dashboard allows me to see exactly what’s happening at any given time behind the scenes. VaultPress’ operation is as clean and crisp as its design.

Given the attention and passion I put into what I create, there’s no price that can be put on its secure backup. I sleep easy at night (when I’m not writing).

Check out 33 Charts here. If you’re a VaultPress customer and you’d like to be featured in one of our future VaultPress stories, please drop us a line. Thanks Bryan for helping us kick this off!

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  2. Wow. Thanks for the profile, Paul. It looks great. And if I didn’t mention it, I love VaultPress!

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