Secrets from the Vault

While VaultPress is known for backups, restores, and security scanning, there’s a lot more to VaultPress than meets the eye. This post is going to cover a couple of features that VaultPress also offers so you can make the most of your subscription:

3 Different Types of Restores

Whether you need to restore your entire uploads or a single picture you accidentally deleted, VaultPress has your back with three different types of restores including full site restores, partial restores, and single table/file restores.

Alternate Restores

Not only can you perform different types of restores on your site, you can also run each of these to an alternate site. If you need to move hosts or want to set up a development site, VaultPress can help.

Backup Browser

If you’ve ever been curious about what files make up your site, check out our backup browser functionality. Not only is this helpful for restoring single tables or files but this also allows you to preview your content without having to use an FTP client.

Detailed Posts Table

If you hover over your posts table on your backups page, you can find at a glance more detailed information about what we’re backing up. This can be helpful if you’re wanting to run a restore and you’re not sure which backup includes the right amount of posts, pages, or drafts.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 5.25.55 PM

Add SSH Credentials

While there’s the option to add FTP and SFTP credentials, we highly recommend adding SSH credentials as they are both the most secure and robust credentials you can add. By adding these credentials, the backup processes will be optimized, you will be able to restore your site, and we’ll be able to help you further if any issues come up!

Put your FTP, SFTP, or SSH Credentials to the test

Before you run a restore, there are certain best practices we recommend you follow. One of the lesser known tips involves testing your credentials before you run a restore! Instead of having to do this manual, you can run a test designed for VaultPress restores from within your Settings page of the VaultPress dashboard. To do this, just click into the credentials you want to test and then select “Test your credentials”:

test your credentials

Once you do this, we’ll run a variety of tests on your credentials and provide the results of each of these tests for you. If you’re curious here’s a summary document that covers each of the tests we run.

Add another person to your account

This can be super helpful if you have multiple people within your company or team that you want to have access to the site. This will give them full access to everything on your account except the billing information which is kept private! Here’s more information about how to add another person.

Download a backup

While we store all of your backups on our servers, you are free to download a backup at any time from our system. To do so, just head to your backups page > click “View Backup” next to the backup you want to download > click “Download” at the top of the page. From there, we’ll begin preparing the backup for download. No matter the size of the site, we’ll email you when the backup file is ready with a link to where you can begin the full site download!

Reuse a registration key

If you end up wanting to backup a different site midway through a subscription, no worries – just reuse the key by following these instructions. This can be helpful if you are a developer with clients and you need to move around which client sites you might want backed up!

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  1. Para Android says:

    Hello Anne, great features from an important service to backup and protect our sites. A big hug from Brazil to all Vaultpress team!

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