VaultPress Customer Stories: Attack of the Androids

MatLee2Mat’s podcasts are a therapy of sorts for him. After starting a couple of other podcasts, he launched the Attack of the Androids to cover all things Android. The focus of the podcast is to discuss Android news, reviews, and awesome Android apps.

He turned to podcasts in part because they felt more genuine. “Anyone can write and edit but it takes a certain someone to be real in front of a mic and camera,” he says.

Since putting himself and his thoughts out there, he’s drawn a loyal following. So much so that he’s been amazed at how long some of his listeners have been around for. “Some of those kids started listening in high school, and now they are graduating college and getting jobs,” he mentioned.

Part of his success has been the use of WordPress to quickly and easily publish his podcasts. Recently, he started using VaultPress to keep his content safe, because it seemed like the “only complete way to have multiple snapshots of full backups”. 

When the time came to move to a new server, he turned to VaultPress and performed an alternate restore. Now his sites are up and running on the new server without a problem.

We can’t be more delighted that Mat chose VaultPress to protect his recordings of Attack of the Androids.

You can learn more about how VaultPress can protect your site — including its contents, themes, plugins, site settings, and customizations.

Contact us with questions — or make our day, and sign up to protect your site!

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