We’re sorry for the miscommunication

Some of you recently received an email from us that might have been a little confusing — maybe even caused a moment of panic — and we’d like to apologize for that.

Yesterday, we told some users that we had successfully completed their first backup. That was a mistake. The email was sent out while we were still processing the backups, and a few hours before they could actually access them in the VaultPress dashboard.

Some users who have been with us for a while also received these emails. Naturally, it’s confusing to hear that we recently completed your first backup, when we’ve been making backups all along. The email was a mistake, and the backups are safe and sound.

We’re sorry for the confusion we caused, and will do our best to send emails to you with the same care we take in making the backups themselves. As always, please feel free to drop us a line if there’s anything we can help with.

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