Introducing VaultPress Lite

We know lots of you would like to use VaultPress for site backups, but need a lower price point. Today, we’re happy to announce the new Lite plan for VaultPress. Priced at $5 per month, it makes reliable backups accessible for sites big and small.

The VaultPress Lite plan provides all the fundamentals you need to keep your awesome content safe and sound:

  • Daily backups that happen automatically, so you can focus on creating, not logistics.
  • Automated site restores, so you can restore your entire site with a single click.
  • Thirty days of saved backups, so you can go back in time to restore the last clean version of your site.

As with our other VaultPress plans, backups include your WordPress database tables, plugins, themes, and uploads.  You’ll also have access to our support staff — we call ‘em Happiness Engineers — should you need one-on-one assistance.

By including just the critical pieces of a good backup plan, we’re able to keep the monthly cost low and make VaultPress more widely available.  For those looking for continuous  backups of their data, or security scanning, check out our Basic and Premium plans

We hope that you’ll never need to use your VaultPress backups, but are glad we can make them available for bloggers and site owners at all levels. You can signup for any of our plans ( Lite, Basic, and Premium ) at  If you have any questions please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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19 Responses to Introducing VaultPress Lite

  1. saddington says:

    this is genius. well done.

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  3. Keith Davis (@wmwebdes) says:

    Hi guys
    Looks like a great deal and very affordable.
    Do you have any servers in the UK?

  4. P Chandra (@qot) says:

    The Lite plans are a great idea and will surely expand your reach. The plan features are well thought of and just right for most bloggers.

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  6. Syed Balkhi says:

    If the $5 plan holds the backups for 30 days… and others hold it for unlimited period of time? or is there is a limit? On my account I can see them going back 1.5 year.

  7. Hi Joseph
    Is the $5 per site per month fixed regardless of how many sites you use the plugin on.
    In other words no discount for say ten sites.

    Also if your wp-config.php file has been moved up one level from your blog’s root will Vaultpress still find it and back it up?

    • Joseph Scott says:

      All of the VaultPress plans are for a single site. No current discounts for multiple sites right now.

      On wp-config.php being one directory up, yes, VaultPress should detect that and back it up.

  8. Bharath says:

    Nice move. Is it possible to upgrade to Basic & Premium plans after signing up with this Lite version?

  9. lumpysimon says:

    I see on the Plans & Pricing page that the Lite plan does not include ‘disaster recovery’ – can you clarify what this means in practice?

    • Joseph Scott says:

      In cases where our automated restore process doesn’t work we’ll go in and manually do a restore for you. Over time we’ve been making our automated tools better and better, so for most people that is less and less of an issue.

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  11. Mathew Porter says:

    Seems like a great product, will have to try this on my portfolio site, $5 a month seems a very reasonable price for the time it would save me doing half automated / manual backups.

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