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Today you’ll notice that our traditional sign in form:

has been replaced with a Sign in with button:

This change is much less dramatic than it sounds, because already uses for user accounts.  What Sign in with does is formalize the relationship between your and your accounts.

Let’s walk through what happens when you click the Sign in with button for the first time:

When you click the sign in button you’ll get a log in form for

Existing VaultPress users will enter their usual VaultPress password and email address to log in. The Forgot your password link is there if you need to reset your password.

Once you’re successfully logged in you’ll see the authorization page:

Simply click on Authorize and we’ll redirect you back to, where you’ll be logged in and able to access your account information.

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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2 Responses to Sign In With

  1. Jason Kemp (@dialogCRM) says:

    What benefit does a customer who does not use gain from using the new login process. The customer uses a “self hosted” version of WordPress.

    • Joseph Scott says:

      It will make it easier to use multiple Automattic services under a single account. There are other features planned for this single sign-on ability via as well.

      Important to keep in mind that accounts were already backed by, so the change for VaultPress users is very minimal.

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