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Ben Brooks

In his incredibly prolific technology blog, The Brooks Review, Ben Brooks shares his ideas and thoughts on software, hardware, and gadgets, pulling no punches in detailed posts from the avid user’s perspective. Ben credits his father and grandfather for helping him form his approach and shape his opinions.

“I have my father and grandfather to thank,” says Ben. “From a young age my dad always taught me to pay attention to the details—from a finish on a wall, to a nick on a car. Both of them really dig into items before they buy them—they want to know what they’re getting is the very best. That has always sat with me and because of it, I am really bothered when I know that what I have isn’t the best and I really notice little things—things that I just don’t think other people care to notice.”

The germ for the The Brooks Review popped into Ben’s mind on a flight to his honeymoon.

“I’ve had various tech blogs going back to about 2002, but the habit of regularly writing never really stuck for me until I started The Brooks Review,” says Ben. “I actually had the idea for it on a flight to Hawaii for my honeymoon—my wife was transitioning jobs and I was trying to help her come up with something she should do from home. Turns out that while brainstorming for her, I started to really like the idea of writing a site about technology that really tells it how it is. I hated that sites would always skip over small details of software or devices—details that I thought made or break the product. A prime example of this: typing on the slew of touchscreen phones that were coming out at the time—not to mention the just release iPad.”

For Ben, The Brooks Review is his creative release—a way for him to connect with others on his interests.

“The Brooks Review is my outlet,” says Ben. “I don’t have a group of techy friends that I can converse with regularly. I don’t have a buddy I can go to a bar with that I can assume not only knows the current tech news, but that also cares about it. And trust me, my wife gets bored of hearing about it. So I write and through writing I get to speak my mind—and that is a great outlet for me.”

The Brooks Review isn’t the only place on the internet where you’ll find Ben. He also co-hosts The B&B Podcast with Shawn Blanc.

Ben started out on back in 2006. From there he migrated to a self-hosted install of and never looked back.

“WordPress has been my go-to platform every time I go to start up a new website,” says Ben. “A few months back I went and tested just about every other CMS I could—only to realize that I just really like, and am comfortable with, WordPress.”

We cannot be more delighted that Ben Brooks chose VaultPress to protect The Brooks Review. You can learn more about how VaultPress can protect your content, theme, plugin, and site settings and customizations. Contact us with questions, or you could put us over the moon, and sign up to protect your site.

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