Diff viewer allows you to see code changes in potential threats

As part of a recent series of improvements to VaultPress, we’ve implemented a Diff Viewer that will help you decide whether or not threats identified in Core WordPress files are bona fide.

To see the Diff Viewer in action, click on the Security tab of your VaultPress dashboard. The Diff Viewer compares files based on the version of WordPress you have installed. If you have WordPress 3.3 installed, the Diff Viewer compares your current files to the Core WordPress files contained in version 3.3 and highlights any differences. In this example, VaultPress detected three Core WordPress Files that have been modified. To see the modifications, click on the blue Changed button. The Diff Viewer will pop up, and take you to the exact code that has been modified, which will help you decide whether or not the threat is real, or a false positive:

If the threat is real, you can ask a Safekeeper for help.

Learn more about how VaultPress can protect your content, theme, plugin, and site settings and customizations. Or you could delight us, and sign up to protect your site.

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