VaultPress V. 1.0 Includes Six New Hotfixes

You may have heard that this past Monday, we released version 1.0 of the VaultPress plugin featuring Multisite support.

Did you know that the new version also includes six new hotfixes that will automatically protect your WordPress site against known vulnerabilities?

The six new hotfixes bring the total number of hotfixes in the plugin to ten. Together, they immunize your site against known security problems that can compromise or bring down your WordPress site.

To learn more about VaultPress, check out our features. To read about just a few of the fine people who are using our plugin, check out our Community and what they’re saying. To become a member of the community, sign up for VaultPress today.

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2 Responses to VaultPress V. 1.0 Includes Six New Hotfixes

  1. Are the hotfixes for the WordPress core code or are they for existing plugins? (cause if they’re for the WP core then wouldn’t it be better for the community if you put the fixes into WP 3.3 itself?)

    • Krista says:

      Hi Paul,

      The hotfixes in VaultPress are modeled after patches already deployed in core WordPress. Our hotfixes help those who are running older versions of WordPress.

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