Making the WordPress Universe Safer

Danny Dagan’s post today about an unexpected benefit of VaultPress struck a chord with us. One of the positive side effects of the work we do to scan our customers’ WordPress installations for vulnerabilities is making a number of plugins and themes better for everyone else who uses them.

In the first few weeks after the launch of VaultPress, you could already see users of the tool contacting developers of plugins, even some that have been around for a while, to alert them that their creation needs fixing, because they were flagged for security breaches… So it would appear that the growing VaultPress user base is taking advantage of the tool not only to ensure that their installations are safe, but also to alert the community about unsafe plugins and themes, and therefore incrementally making the WordPress universe better for all of us; a good result.
— Danny Dagan, “The unexpected benefit of VaultPress”

We believe in contributing back to the WordPress community, and we’ll continue to work with plugin and theme authors to help them make their code and designs more secure. If you’re a VaultPress customer and want our help with vulnerabilities in plugins and themes we’ve scanned, make sure to contact us from your VaultPress dashboard.

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  1. I can’t get enough of VaultPress! I installed the premium version on one of our client’s site and it picked up quite a few issues in one of the plugins running on the site.

    Not only is VaultPress amazing for finding the problems in the first place, it’s also great for WordPress developer education as well cause it’s showing bad coding techniques…a.k.a ‘Y U NO CODE WELL’ (trademark pending for @nacin) 🙂

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