New Dashboard Icons

If you’ve spent time in your VaultPress dashboard recently, you may have noticed things were a bit more colorful, thanks to a few new icons.

After seeing how the Golden Ticket icon we added helped draw attention to the Golden Tickets button in the dashboard, we decided to create some new icons both to help users find their way in the dashboard but also to illustrate the services that VaultPress provides.

For this project we turned to our friend Ben Dunkle at Field 2 Design. Ben is the creative mind behind the icons in WordPress itself, so he was a natural choice to create these new icons for VaultPress.

We designed VaultPress as a perfect fit for WordPress — both in the way VaultPress seamlessly interacts with your site, as well as in our visual style. From the design of the dashboard to the tiniest icons, we aim to complement to WordPress in every way.

Check them out yourself by logging in to your VaultPress dashboard. (There’s even more great icon work by Ben on our website at

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  1. Karl says:

    I love these icons. Are they available for sale?

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