VaultPress Stories: Jesse Liberty

Jesse Liberty is a Senior Program Manager for Microsoft in the Developer Guidance Group. His current focus is the Full Stack Project that he is creating with Jon Galloway. His WordPress blog lives at
Paul, one of the VaultPress Safekeepers

My primary WordPress site is, which serves as my blog and connection to the Silverlight, Windows Phone and technical community. I also host my podcast off this blog and generally make it the center of my work for Microsoft Developer Guidance.

I started with bulletin board systems back in the early 1980’s, progressed to writing my own, including threaded discussion centers, but really came into blogging in the late 1990’s. By 2007, I had a full time blog for Microsoft which I migrated to WordPress in early 2010, bringing my old entries along.

WordPress offered me much greater control with much less work, and I’ve been extremely happy with WordPress as a platform. My only concern, and it was significant, was that I could not seem to work out a fully dependable backup that would reliably restore my site to a previous state if needed. VaultPress seemed to be the right answer, and wow, was it ever.

In February of 2011, my blog was badly infected by a virus, that returned repeatedly despite our very best efforts to harden the site. To make a long story short, in desperation I decided to export and re-import the entire site, but when I was done, the site was badly corrupted, with most entries showing only the first sentence or two. Holding back my panic, I wiped out my entire directory structure, and deleted all my files and my databases, and used VaultPress to restore. Within a couple hours not only was my site back up online, but it was virus-free.

I owe VaultPress a lot, not the least of which is my sanity.

Check out Jesse Liberty’s blog here. If you’re a VaultPress customer and you’d like to be featured in one of our future VaultPress stories, please drop us a line. Thanks Jesse!

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  1. What happened to aliens attack? I know I gave a couple golden tickets for that concern alone.

    Also I think for people that may have not been too concerned about that probability, it still made them think. Certainly about backing up their WordPress thing-e.

    VP user….:)

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