Bringing Stats to the Vault

“I’d rather die enormous than live dormant.”
– Jay-Z

Serious bloggers live and die by their data. If you blog professionally, you know that tracking your post visits, referrals, and comments helps you learn and adapt so you can make your blog better.

When you sign up for VaultPress, we build a tight connection with your WordPress site so we can back up and secure all of your WordPress content and data. That realtime connection to your site also enables us to pull together some interesting stats. Today, we’re announcing the first release of VaultPress stats, available immediately for all of our beta customers on their VaultPress dashboards.

VaultPress stats complement stats packages you may already be running, like the stats plugin or Google Analytics.

For our first stats release, we’ve focused on three areas where VaultPress can help you:

Blogging Intelligence

Because VaultPress backs up activity on your blog in realtime, we can help you understand time-based patterns. What time of day do you blog most often? What day of the week do you blog the most? We’ve crunched these numbers for you so you can see at a glance when you’re most productive. Our blogging intelligence stats are displayed in what we’ve nicknamed the “Data Fortune Cookie” area at the top of the new stats page. We’ll be adding more fortune cookies over time, so let us know if you have ideas for other things that you’d like to see us track.

Vital Signs

The heart of the new VaultPress stats display is a dynamic chart that shows at a glance everything that’s happened on your blog since you started synchronizing with VaultPress. We show you, over time, every post, page, comment, and upload, and we call this measure your site’s Vitality. Hover over any point in time and you’ll see an instant report overlaid on the graph with the activity that happened at that time. This is your new stats nerve center – all of the activity on your WordPress site, in one easy to understand chart.

Global Stats

We’ve started tracking VaultPress community stats, and we’ll be sharing this aggregated, anonymized data periodically so you can get the pulse of what some of the most advanced WordPress users in the world are into. We’ll share how much total data we’re backing up, including posts, comments, uploads, and more, as well as what the most popular plugins and themes are.

It’s been said you can’t improve what you don’t measure. We hope you get a strong signal on things you can make better through our new VaultPress stats, available now on your VaultPress dashboard.

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4 Responses to Bringing Stats to the Vault

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  2. TCTApps says:

    Wow! Vaultpress is getting better every single day. I’m curious to know what form plugin is used on the Signup page at – – this looks so much better than the normal form layout. Cheers!

  3. Matthew Guay says:

    I’d sure love to have my stats from Jetpack integrated with my VaultPress stats, and perhaps Akismet stats as well. Deeper integration between all the Automattic services I use would sure be awesome 😉

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