Behind the curtain

We know you’ve been craving more information on the inner workings of VaultPress and what you get after signing up.

VaultPress is an intricate system that does more than just back up your site. The VaultPress plugin uses WordPress hooks to receive alerts when any information has changed on your site and syncs those changes with our servers. Live ticker messages are displayed to show the status of exactly what’s going on – backing up a comment, adding a new post, changing an option, etc.

There are some changes that WordPress isn’t aware of such as files uploaded via FTP. To take care of these cases, VaultPress scans your site every evening and picks up these changes. If you’re a premium subscriber, VaultPress then scans the files for potential security threats or exploits.

Here’s a closer look at how VaultPress works.

Keep an eye on backup progress as your site is synchronized.
Screenshot of the plugin page during the initial sync

View stats, recent activity, and find links to your dashboard from WordPress.
Screenshot of the plugin page after the initial sync

After the initial sync with our servers is complete, the VaultPress dashboard is the best place to view your site information.

Get a quick look at all of your vaulted sites.

Browse through a list of snapshots and download plugins, uploads, themes, and database table dumps.

Premium subscribers get a list of any potential security issues found in files.

View a list of recent backup activity and status messages from the communication between VaultPress and your site.

Additional Help

You can now click on the Help link at the top right of each dashboard section to receive contextual help. Answers to most questions should be available there or in our flashy new Support section. Customers can read through the updated FAQ, learn about plugin configuration options, and view instructions on how to restore a site from a backup.

While we’re working on our automated restore service, we are currently offering complimentary concierge service to help our customers restore their sites. We hope to help everyone safeguard their site and sleep soundly at night. (And, yes, I just rhymed, yo.)

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