Easier backup navigation

Quick feature update: we’ve just turned on pagination in the VaultPress dashboard, so you can more easily navigate your site’s backup snapshots. Backup snapshots are now listed 24 to a page in your dashboard (corresponding to one snapshot max per hour of your site), and you can move through the snapshots by clicking on the Older or Newer links at the bottom of each page.

To check it out, log in to your VaultPress dashboard and click on “Full Backups” in the left menu. If you scroll down your list of snapshots, you’ll find the new navigation links at the bottom of each page. We’re continuing to work on making the backups area better for you, so if you’ve got requests let us know here, or drop us a line at support@vaultpress.com.

Thanks to @BlogConsultant for the feature request. 🙂

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2 Responses to Easier backup navigation

  1. Awesome! Thank you for adding this much-needed feature. Would love to see a Calendar of available backups. I think it would be a “must-have” addition to VaultPress.

    Imagine client asking you to restore their blog from August 2, 5 PM CST. Instead of scrolling through pages would be nice to just select that date on the Calendar and see all available backups 🙂

  2. manmohanjit says:

    Awesome stuff!

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