VaultPress Customer Stories: WP Daily Themes

Peter-NilssonPeter Nilsson started WP Daily Themes to initially write about themes and plugins but, in recent years, it has grown beyond his expectations. In his words, “Now we have many of the leading writers and experts in the WordPress community contributing with brilliant articles and tips on the blog”. Before starting his company, Peter previously worked a variety of jobs including being a sailor at one point! He finally then went to school to become a network technician and hasn’t looked back since. While he started his blogging career with Google’s blog platform back in 2007, he outgrew it by 2008 and switched to using WordPress.  Peter writes, “A new world opened up and since then I have been working with one of the best and most popular (CMS) Content Management System in the world: WordPress.”

After blogging for a couple of years, he opened up his business in 2009 to help clients with setting up WordPress, maintenance, and overall improvements to their sites. When WP Daily Themes began to grow, he turned to VaultPress to secure his content. As he puts it, “Even if you save that single document on your computer or website on your web hosting company, there is no guarantee the computer doesn’t crash or the hosting company lose your backup (which has happened to me with devastating consequences)… I have been a customer now for some years and VaultPress has proven to have been the right choice many times.”

In his spare time, he does his best to give back to the WordPress community through translating Plugins into Swedish. His most recent translation projects include WP Rollback and Birds Custom Login.

We can’t be more delighted that Peter chose VaultPress to protect his awesome content on WP Daily Themes.

You can learn more about how VaultPress can protect your site — including its contents, themes, plugins, site settings, and customizations.

Contact us with questions — or make our day, and sign up to protect your site!

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