New Connection Error Alerts

We’ve just enabled a new feature for all VaultPress customers that will now automatically notify you via email when we detect a connection error between VaultPress and your site.

We’ve identified a number of common issues that can cause a connection problem. The current issues that will trigger an automated email notification are:

If VaultPress is unable to contact your site for five consecutive hours, we’ll send an initial alert email to you. We’ll send additional follow-up alerts to you and then to our concierge support team so we can work with you to make sure your site is protected.

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4 Responses to New Connection Error Alerts

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  3. anantmendiratta says:

    The Registration key is not working for me. I get the following error message –
    “The VaultPress servers cannot connect to your site. Please check that your site is visible over the Internet and there are no firewall or load balancer settings on your server that might be blocking the communication. If you’re still having issues please, contact safekeepers.”

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