VaultPress heads to WordCamp Savannah

This weekend we’ll be handing out postcards promoting the VaultPress beta at WordCamp Savannah. These postcards are a slight modification of the “Hero” graphics we previously created for one of our online ads. If you’re near Savannah, stop by and say howdy to Matt and MT, the VaultPress team reps who’ll be on the campus of SCAD this weekend.

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One Response to VaultPress heads to WordCamp Savannah

  1. palimadra says:

    Another very useful and good idea by the people at Automatic. Congratulations to the team in advance because this product is going to be successful. I’m amazed at how the team at Automatic recognizes the needs of the users and come back with solutions. That is definately one of the biggest reasons for the success of WordPress as a CMS.

    I had another request. The signup form for Vaultpress is very impressive. How was it built? May I request someone to write a post about how the form was built? A plugin would be great.
    Keep up the good work.

    Pali Madra

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