Streamlining VaultPress For Your Site

Providing access credentials to your website, like FTP/SFTP and SSH, allows VaultPress to connect to your site easily and back it up quickly and efficiently. It also allows VaultPress to quickly and automatically restore your site in an emergency.

In the VaultPress dashboard, you’ve always been able to make it easier for VaultPress to connect to your site. You can provide us with these credentials on your current sites by logging into the VaultPress Dashboard and clicking “Settings” on the site you’d like to provide them for.


We’ve recently made this much easier to do when you sign up or add a new site by asking for the credentials before you install the plugin. Providing us with the credentials right away enables VaultPress to immediately run as efficiently as it can and start protecting your site right away.


This is just one step towards making it easier to get up and running quickly with VaultPress. Learn more about how VaultPress can protect your content, theme, plugin, and site settings and customizations. Contact us with questions, or sign up to protect your site.

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Bringing in CodeGarage

I’m happy to announce that Automattic has acquired Code Garage (read more on their site). We’re also excited that Peter Butler, one of its founders, has joined Automattic. As of today, our VaultPress team will be taking over maintenance and development of Code Garage.

Like VaultPress, Code Garage provides backups, security scanning, and crisis help for WordPress sites. We’re looking forward to bringing our expertise in building and scaling Automattic, VaultPress, and to the Code Garage product. I also hope we can learn from some of Code Garage’s approaches, like an agency-friendly pricing model that makes it easy for customers to manage dozens of sites, something VaultPress is still experimenting with.

VaultPress is and will continue to be our go-to service for peace of mind through backups and security, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from other services doing great work. Sharing, collaborating, and adapting are key to making sure we continue to provide the most effective solutions and support for every WordPress user.

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Browse your VaultPress backups by date

VaultPress backs up your site as your site changes. Create a new post, receive a new comment, update a page — any change to your WordPress data is tracked and backed up immediately. This means VaultPress always has an update-to-date backup of your site. This also means that your site’s list of backups may have been hard to navigate. No longer!

Browse Backups by Date

We’ve added a list of calendars to your VaultPress dashboard. You can click around from day-to-day and see all of the backups for your site, restoring (or downloading) any one as needed. Each day is color coded to help identify days with lots of activity, ranging from white (one or two backups), to yellow, to orange, and red (lots of changes on those days mean more backups).

VaultPress customers can see the new calendars by signing in to their VaultPress dashboard. We hope this makes it easier to find the backup you need, when you need it.

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Sign In With

Today you’ll notice that our traditional sign in form:

has been replaced with a Sign in with button:

This change is much less dramatic than it sounds, because already uses for user accounts.  What Sign in with does is formalize the relationship between your and your accounts.

Let’s walk through what happens when you click the Sign in with button for the first time:

When you click the sign in button you’ll get a log in form for

Existing VaultPress users will enter their usual VaultPress password and email address to log in. The Forgot your password link is there if you need to reset your password.

Once you’re successfully logged in you’ll see the authorization page:

Simply click on Authorize and we’ll redirect you back to, where you’ll be logged in and able to access your account information.

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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New mobile dashboard allows you to access VaultPress on the go

Need to log in to VaultPress while you’re away from your desk? The new mobile dashboard allows you to access your VaultPress install, check site backup status, review and act on security alerts, and even restore your site from a backup right from your mobile device.

Here’s what the VaultPress mobile dashboard looks like on an iOS device. For quick access to your VaultPress dashboard, visit from your mobile device.

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